SW2235 Stone Age Replica Roundhouse Stockade Filming Location

Let your imagination run wild and film in and around this Hamlet of 3 cob/thatch/turf roof buildings, adjacent to ancient woodland with yew trees, grown over rocks, beautiful pronounced root formations, and Cave entrances.


 Film / Photo-shoot Location : Stone Age Replica Roundhouse Stockade Filming Location (Featured Image)
Featured Image
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Location: SW2235 : Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
Within the M25: No
Categories: Historic Buildings & Ruins | Quarries | Woodland | Rustic
Suggested Searches: sw2235, barn, countryside view, rocks, cave




  • 3 Phase Power
  • Green Room
  • Mains Water
  • Shoot and Stay
  • Toilets


  • Off Street Parking
  • Parking Nearby

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