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Sun Pat

The agency designing the shoot for SunPat had very specific requirements. They needed a family house with rooms big enough to host the shoot, but at the same time, they needed a house that didn't look too unattainable. There were geographical considerations too. We supplied several location options, but the one that met the criteria best needed the least dressing tweaks to make it feel attainable. Contractual terms were made easy for our team to agree as both client and property owner were flexible, and the shoot went smoother than smooth peanut butter!

Ford Motor Company were asked to help identify a location that could offer roads that didnt require council licences, a shop, and a family home for this narrative video. The ultimate location offered all 3 components within a secure private site, and the hire was contracted within client budget constraints. This was an exceptionally well run production, with client and location owners coming away happy at the end of the days of filming.


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