Are you a potential Location Owner?

Would you like to earn extra income from your property? Are you interested in welcoming a film crew into your home (of any conditions),a warehouse, a rural location, interesting outside spaces, or safe derelict building for it to be used as a film or photography location?

Library Reference Numbers Explained

Here at our team of location managers like to make things as easy as possible! To help us all quickly determine whether a location is in the right general area we created a library structure that enables us to quickly identify where locations are within the UK, and if outside the UK, which country they are located in. For the UK, the database references are: LON - Inside M25 SE - Counties around the M25 (excludes Cambridgeshire which is technically in East Anglia!) EA - East Anglia Midlands is split - WM (West Midlands) and EM (East Midlands) North of England is split - NW (North West) and NE (North East) - from Yorkshire up to Scottish border. There are some "N's". These are usually in the north west and are historic records S is for Scotland W is for Wales NI - Northern Ireland Type the name of the country into our Search box to see our overseas options. We currently have locations in: Spain; Italy; France; Greece; Czech Republic; USA, Uganda; South Africa; Bahamas, Croatia etc. For international searches is best to drop us a line and we'll send out options to you.

What are the benefits are registering our location with

By registering your location through our website you can track interest and monitor recce requests and location bookings.

Training & Support For New Owners

Yes, we are here for you during the every stage of securing a film shoot. For owners who haven't had a shoot before, we can on the various aspects of winning a shoot, advising on rates to offer (in some cases) and preparing you for hosting a shoot.

Location Rates

Hire rates for locations are negotiated with our owners and are typically based on a series of key metrics. These include: what the location will be used for (music video, commercial, stills etc),number of cast/crew, hours of access required/times, and budget for the shoot. In some cases our locations have a rate card, and in these cases rates may not be negotiable. Our minimum charge is 20% + VAT and is charged to the production company not the location owner.

Why Register A Property With supply locations to a broad range of clients which include the major broadcasters, record labels, and publications, whilst also assisting independent film makers and photographers. Some of our clients, that we have nurtured in their younger days, are now award winning production companies and regularly feature in industry awards programmes. We believe that the relationships we have with our owners, and support we provide, differentiates us. This is borne out by the positive feedback that our clients send us after working at one of our locations.

Are you a potential Location Owner?
Find out how we can help you generate extra income from your property.

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