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Yacht For Filming in London Mooring

Large 84' sailing boat shoot location. Moored in London, and available to hire in static location or on the water.






This sailing boat film location was built in 1926 as a cargo vessel, working the shores of east coast of Britain for 51 years - initially under sail alone, and later, from 1958 as a motor barge. She came out of trade service in 1977 and was re rigged, again becoming an active sailing vessel.
The vessel is a wonderful and fully working piece of UK maritime history, she has been lovingly restored by her current owner and is now available for a variety of charters including eight annual races, sailing trips, static events, and as a London based shoot location.
The length on deck is 86’ with an 18.5’ beam. She is fully and traditionally rigged with 30’ bowsprit and can carry over 5000 square feet of sail. She is certificated and equipped to current MCA/government regulations and set up as full seagoing vessel. When under way she is licensed to carry up to twelve passengers, and for static events she can accommodate 60+ guests.

Bathroom Types

  • Family Bathroom

Bedroom Types

  • Double Bedroom
  • Twin Bedroom


  • Green Room
  • Toilets


  • Linoleum
  • Real Wood Floor

Interior Features

  • Furnished

Kitchen Facilities

  • Range Cooker

Kitchen types

  • Cream & White Units
  • Galley Kitchen


  • Living Room

Walls & Windows

  • Exposed Beams
  • Painted Walls
  • Paneled Walls
  • Wood Clad Walls


Exterior Features

  • Decking


  • Parking Nearby


  • Sea View

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