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April Film Location Blog Posts

We are very active through various social media blog sites so we thought it a good idea to publish a number of these for the first half of April on the website blog too. April 12th, 2014 Several shoots being undertaken today! Should be another good day. Also received the booking information overnight for a Canadian client. Its the first shoot that we've organised for this international advertising company. The booking is the location for a TV commercial based in London. Shoot is next week. April 11th 1. We have an urgent requirement to hire a car park (with markings) for a half day film shoot on Wednesday 16th April. If you have a business with a largish car park, in London (east London area preferred) then could you please get in touch with us today? email [email protected] 2. Little Mix were very active earlier this week. First they were shooting promos with our good friends at Kode Media, and then went on to shoot their new Music Video with a different production company at one of our locations in London. (We need to keep the location under wraps for now as its very distinctive and their management company dont want us to release details just yet!) 3. This has also been a week for Discovery Channel to be airing several programmes that have used our locations. Breaking Magic features several of our locations, warehouses, military bunker (LON1400), wasteland, rooftop, and even the location where the vast water tank, are all our locations! In addition they aired a Crime series where ex-villains and experts were interviewed in the atmospheric warehouse surroundings of LON1617. April 10th 1. This has been an exceptional week, and still working at midnight (again) is testament to the sheer volume of shoots we are working on at this time. The 48 hour sci-fi competition has seen a high number of enquiries, and I'm pleased that we've been able to supply mixed bag of location types to some very happy Directors. Kitchens have also been high on the wish list this week. Several shoots have been scheduled, for Kitchens both inside the M25, and in the Greater London area too. (More on this in the next 2/3 weeks when we should be able to make some announcements). 2. If anyone has any bright ideas where I could achieve a similar shot to this (pictures of a rooftop looking across ornate rooftops in the original post) then could you email me please - [email protected] Important details: - London (obviously) - no balustrade at the edge of the roof - 360 degree views April 9th Amazing day again today. Seriously busy with opportunities resulting in several bookings for music videos (details to be shared soon), TV shows and stills shoots. April 8th 1. Are you participating in the 48hr Sci-Fi Competition this weekend? If you are, and still looking for great locations for saturday then drop us a line. We may have a solution for you! 2. Discovery Crime series airing this wednesday or next wednesday (not received the scedule yet!). The links were successfully filmed with us 2 weeks ago. April 5th Location of the Day - EA1230 (6 photos): 13th Century converted Monastery in Suffolk (90-120 mins drive from London) now available for filming and photo shoots. April 4th Contracts now signed for locations for a new Bangladeshi Feature Film! Hope to get some stills to show you for this as some of the scenes they want to shoot are quite action packed! *********** Selected Location of the Day Posts... Location of the Day - LON1687 (6 photos): Gritty derelict London warehouse with domestic power and basic facilities available for filming music videos, photo shoots and more... Location of the Day - SW1073 (4 photos): Victorian swimming baths (just west of London) - now available for hire filming and photo shoots. Location of the Day - LON1685 (5 photos): Couldn't resist giving you a peep of a different style of derelict warehouse space! This time, a larger pillared warehouse also in London. (We have similar spaces to this in Birmingham too, so drop us a line and we'll be happy to discuss features if both great locations)
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