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Meeting industry demand for new locations

With demand for filming locations continuing to rise, is actively growing their portfolio. Owner, Tim Beasley says they are looking for all types of properties to meet the diverse needs of their production clients.

A top priority is office spaces in major UK cities like London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Edinburgh. Beasley cites demand for medium to large offices with furniture, ranging in style from creative and modern to more corporate and traditional backdrops. He notes these are useful across the board, from fashion shoots wanting a retro vibe to music videos desiring a contemporary look, for commercials and TV shows. 

In addition to offices, Beasley mentions several other property categories in high demand. Specialist locations like hospitals, police stations, prisons, bank vaults and former banks are sought after. Their unique and often off-limits nature provides production crews with hard-to-find settings rich in authenticity.

Period drama productions create demand for historic buildings and residences. Beasley gives the example of UK period dramas frequently needing access to older environments relevant to the era being depicted.

He also cites ordinary residential homes as continually in need. Their everyday appeal allows them to serve as versatile backdrops for productions looking to portray normal life. Interior shots are a constant necessity. Interestingly, ordinary homes can be some of the most difficult to recruit but could offer owners the greatest advantage to their family finances.

According to Beasley, the motivation behind locating these properties is twofold. For landlords and owners, it generates revenue from vacant or idle real estate that would otherwise go unused. Productions can work around tenants and business needs, filming after hours or on weekends.

For occupied spaces, hosting filming can boost morale and motivation. Beasley recounts shoots energizing staff in functioning offices. With minimal disruption, it brings excitement and activity to the environment.

While empty, unused spaces are also viable, Beasley notes active locations tend to be more lucrative. However, filling vacant properties with production crews still provides income for owners.

With endless projects across TV, film, commercials and other media, demand remains high for flexible, affordable locations. By continuing to expand their library, aims to connect clients with ideal filming spots spanning all needs - from the everyday to the extraordinary.

For more information about hiring your home as a filming location call our experienced team at - 01782 388090 or 01782 388439

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