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With so many platforms to post news upon, and so much activity in our business, we've found it hard to post to all of these platforms, including our blog site. Here's an update on some of our notable projects. Calvin Harris - Music Video - Filmed at LON1400 Ellie Goulding - Music Video - Filmed at LON1400 Invader Girl - Music Video - Filmed at LON1701 Mary j Blige - Music Video - Filmed at LON1401 The Last Carnival - Music Video - Filmed at LON1617 Rumer - Music Video - Filmed at LON1468 Rae Morris - Music Video - Filmed at LON1617 Channel4 - Live Session - Four To The Floor - The Hics - “All Will Know” - Filmed at LON1401 Channel4 - “Dogs: Their Secrets - Live” - Filmed at LON1703 Feature Film - “The Liberator” - 10 days Filmed at EA1250 Sea Beast Media - Music Video - Filmed at N1214 ... and many more besides.,..! If you wish to follow our news on social media platforms here are our portals:
Published at: 28/09/2014

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