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Coming Up - A New Movie That Charts The Rise Of The 80s Rave Scene

One of our most exciting projects in pre-production is the film, Coming Up. has been involved in this project for 2 years and we're enthusiastically supportive of the executive team, cast and crew who are bringing this project to fruition. Coming Up is a feel-good drama set in 1990 against the turbulent backdrop of Thatcher's Britain. This will be the first film to really capture what was an incredibly important time in British social history. The rave scene in the late 80s/early 90s was an exciting era, where the explosion of underground raves became rebellion through music... and it spawned raving as we know it today. 1990! England were trying to win the World Cup and Thatcher's children were rebelling against the Yuppie philosophy. The London music scene was changing fast and partying was going underground, developing into a sub-culture the police were finding difficult to control. In pirate radio station Meltdown three DJs are trying to stay one step ahead of the DTI and out of trouble long enough to have one huge, outdoor party. The one thing they have to keep them all together is their love of the music. One love that will keep them Coming Up. Coming Up is a proper British film with international appeal that will eschew the British norm of gang culture tales or stuffy period dramas and that will focus on universal themes of love, honour and resistance, all done with absolute authenticity and focusing on the idiosyncrasies of a period in time that has rarely been captured properly on film. Investor Information.... We have a well-known sales agent attached, a co-pro agreement on the table, a strong interest from private finance, and are almost fully cast, with a dedicated crew. We also have interest from distribution companies in the UK and internationally. But please get in touch if you have any interest in our feature Coming Up, as we would love to hear what you have to say!
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