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Common Questions From Location Owners

Here are answers to commonly asked questions from film location owners considering hiring out their properties for filming.

1.) Will I have to move out?

Whether an owner is required to move out or not will depend on the individual shoot. In 99% of cases there is NO requirement to vacate the property, however in some cases this can be requested. In special cases (where it makes sense to vacate) such as a night shoot, long filming hours over several days, significant dressing makes it difficult to co-exist etc, then this would be discussed at the outset and a decision be made at that time as to whether or not this would be feasible. If moving is a requirement, then appropriate compensation would be agreed with both parties (owner and production company) and written into the hire contract.

2.) Will the production company want to alter my property?

As with moving out, there can be requests to paint a room to suit the requirements of the shoot. Again, these requirements are relatively rare as production companies tend to select properties that require limited changes in order to save money on their production budgets, but in cases where altering paintwork is required this would be discussed at an early stage, and a plan put in place to return the property to its original colour scheme immediately after the shoot.

3.) Is my house right for filming?

The selection of a location is always the decision of the production company, and based on the explicit requirements of their shoot. It is true to say that larger rooms in a house will make it easier to film in, and therefore would be easier to hire for a larger number of projects, however, this should not be taken by owners of smaller properties that their homes would not also be of interest for those companies who are looking for smaller, more intimate spaces.

4.) What sort of productions do you supply filming location properties for?

We supply a very broad range of clients. Pour primary business is feature films, commercials, short films, music videos and stills shoot. We also supply for product shoots, cookery programmes, internet marketing videos, documentary reconstructions and editorial shoots, and receive special requests for event locations from 20 to 1,000 delegates. Our clients range from blue chips (Sony, ITV, BBC etc, and to a wide range of SME clients).

5.) Are your projects purely focused in London?

No, a significant proportion of our shoots are in/around London however our location library includes a range of properties (residential, commercial, industrial) in all the major cities in the UK, Ireland and central/southern Europe. We receive enquiries to shoot across our portfolio,

6.) Do you charge for posting a location, or for making changes to it once posted?

No, we never take money from our owners unless we run a non-compulsory special opt-in campaign, or unless owners request a special service from us.

7.) We have bought a house/site that needs lots of work. Would we be able to offer this?

Yes. We like to receive registrations for pre-renovation or for sites in the process of gaining planning consents. These properties are very much in demand and can be a strong source of income. We can remove locations at the press of a button too, so removing them later is also very easy.

8.) Are we likely to incur damages, and what happens if we do?

We speak to the production companies for every opportunity we receive. In these calls we are able to determine the scope of the filming, how many people will be involved and lots of other details to help us make an assessment of the likelihood of damages. We have a strong duty of care ethic to protect our owners and have mechanisms in place to ensure that owners property is protected, and that in the odd case where small damages are incurred, that compensation is swiftly dealt with.

9.) If I wanted to talk to one of your owners specifically about your services, would this be possible?

Yes, of course. We are proud of the relationships we have with our owners and have provided references for editorials such as a recent article for Saga. Naturally we will want to confirm credentials prior to providing owner contact details.

We are always looking for new locations to propose to our clients and are very happy to talk to property owners (every type and condition) about our owner-friendly services.

Feel free to call us on 0844 669 5245.

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