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'Enter Shikari' Shoot 2nd Music Video With

Following the success of their first shoot (LON1055) for the hit, "SSSnakepit", Enter Shikari production company "Stand Your Ground Media" selected locations from portfolio to shoot the follow up video. Natasha Bryant, Locations Manager at states ... "SYGM are a great company to work with - professional, knowledgeable, creative and friendly - just the sort of people that we can enjoy working hard to support. We have developed a great understanding of the needs not only of their production company but of the Band too. My friends are totally jealous of what I do but I love it. Who wouldn't?" We look forward to the opportunity to support SYGM future video shoots for "Enter Shikari" and sister bands such as "The Darkness". The latest video is scheduled to be released later in 2012 but the location and theme for the video are being kept under tight wraps for the time being.... sorry! LON1055: Warehouse With Natural Atmosphere
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