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Feature Film Locations - Newcastle Upon Tyne

We are looking for lots of locations for two feature films currently in pre-production: Film 1 - Newcastle Upon Tyne I am currently producing a feature starting from August the 15th. We are mainly base in the NE England (Newcastle-ish) and require some assistance with sourcing the following locations- 2 different Hotel Lobbies- 2/3 days for 1 and 1 day for another- We are ideally looking for something that is a little run down and has seen better days for the main one. Must be failry large and have a drink vending machine, if possible. The film is technically set in America, so if it has a middle American kind of feel, then that would be great. We also need some hotel corridors, long and quiet tight, so if we can find a hotel with corridors that we can shoot in, then an additional day would be required. The 2nd hotel for 1 day must look completely different. It must look a little tacky and ideally be quiet colourful. This hotel is called the Blue Movie hotel, so if it had blue walls, that would be good or perhaps some kind of gaudy style decor. Chat show Studio- 0.5 days- this can be any kind of studio, we don't have to see the audience, just a shot of the guests, so it can be something that can be made up to look like one. Bar- 1 day- Something with a generic, exposed brick wall. The dates that we shoot the above scenes are pretty fluid from the 15th August, so if you can find anything, then, please send me suggestions and we can work when we film in them.
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