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Film Locations Required - Empty Houses, London (Ref 3765)

One of our prolific clients is requiring a family home for filming in September, 2015. The house can be empty, or furnished (if the owner is willing to have furniture removed by the crew). The interior does NOT have to be remarkable in any way (aspirational, unloved etc) but large rooms would be advantageous. Dressing for this shoot may require the swapping of doors so as not to damage the location itself, so owners should be willing to allow this. (We've provided locations for many previous shoots where doors, windows, wall coverings etc have been changed/removed and put back after, and never had a problem!) Ideally the film location house will be within the M25, or close to London. Every shoot that we schedule is contracted, insured and paid promptly. Interested property owners should register their house to our database (free), and send a comprehensive batch of internal/external images via the free tool, (Technical assistance can be provided if required)
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