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Film Locations Wanted

Our agency is inundated with location requests on a daily basis and dont have time to keeep posting specific locations wanted requests. Therefore, for those people who are asking if their property could be suitable as a location, here is some guidance: 1. Locations can be "any type of property, vehicle or space". It really doesnt matter if you have a kebab shop, a deserted medieval property in Wales, or a stately home... we get asked to supply all of these! 2. Locations that are most requested are on the extremities... very big, high end traditional interior styling, very grotty interior (disused/abandoned/"safe" derelict etc), retro or saocial housing, wwarehouses, BUT the average family home is also in demand. 3. Warehouses are requested often, and these should be either dark or can be blacked out, and have some character - a little skanky/not tidy and clean. High ceilings are most favourable. These can be in any of the najor cities. 4. Rates vary for every property, and every shoot. We handle the negotiation between owners and productuion companies, and agree win-win deals which we then take to contract. If you have any further questions then please email us through the website and we'll respond within 24 hours, or sooner!
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