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Great Experiences

Following two highly successful shoots run by London Film School and Telegraph Group, I wanted to share how pleased I have been with your support and the quality of the filmmakers you’ve passed across to us. ''London Film School came and did a 4 hour shoot in the stairwells of my place recently. Not only were they very respectful of the house, but they made the whole thing fun too. This was my first shoot so wasn't sure what to expect, but I'm very happy for to keep the fun days coming! Telegraph Group also recently shot a promotional video for a new kind of weed killer in my garden. The guys were very professional and I wouldn't hesitate to have them back for another shoot either.'' I should also mention to any prospective location owners that have proven to me to be really proactive about finding projects that are right for my house, and deliver a great service with a very genuine personal touch. It’s a little nervy doing you first project, but they explained everything very clearly, and spent a lot of time helping me get the most from my property entry.
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