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Heston Blumenthal's in the House!

Heston Blumenthal is in one of our amazing kitchen film locations tomorrow shooting some recipes near Maidenhead. This shoot will be in a modern family kitchen with an island/hob, and doubtless will involve liquid nitrogen or an interesting chemical reaction to deliver amazing culinary results! Kitchens are used for many different types of filming. To attract Heston or his peer Chef's, kitchens would ideally have an island with a gas hob incorporated, lots of space around the island, and a range of style options. (Each shoot looks for different style of kitchen - farmhouse/country, old fashioned/retro or light, bright contemporary so there isnt a right or wrong when it comes to colour or style of units.) Sometimes having a kitchen on a back wall away from the units is a good thing, other times it is desirable to have windows in shot. This depends on the production company and vision of the Director. Another regular requirement for filming the preparation of dishes is the availability of a 2nd kitchen or large utility room that can be used for preparation. It's preferable for this 2nd space not to be in earshot of the kitchen while filming is taking place. To get an opportunity to have a Michelin chef filming in your kitchen you can enter your kitchen on our kitchen specific website It's free to create your entry and will take just a few minutes to do.
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