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Industrial Warehouse and Estate Required

We have lots of similar enquiries, so any owners/managers of industrial spaces that fit this criteria, in full or in part, will be likely to benefit significantly over time. Current requirement is for a music video to be shot somewhere between Birmingham and London on 1 day in the first half of January '14. The property sought is an industrial site - warehouse, disused factory, or similar. If there are multiple disused buildings then so much the better. The buildings must be safe, and preferably have onsite access to power. Internally, an ideal building would have pipes, old steel girders, old equipment perhaps, anything that adds to its natural character! Larger spaces are also preferable as they offer greater flexibility of use. Old staircases (concrete or steel), lifts, flat roofs are also desirable as for this shoot the Artist wants to walk around the location, and be shot in different parts of the building/site. (this building does NOT want to be clean, as grubby adds to the charm!) Externally, the building will have character (old mill, old brick factory etc) however this isnt always required, so is of less importance. Parking is important, but not necessarily for hundreds of vehicles as lots of shoots dont require very much space for parking. On-site CCTV is desirable but again, not critical. Toilets/running water are desirable but not critical. If you know of such spaces then please get in contact with us by email to [email protected]. We'll be pleased to provide additional information.
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