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Lucy Spraggan Music Video Shoot Feedback

All of our Testimonials are written by our owners, in their own words, and recounting real experiences... This Testimonial is from the owner of LON1544 who hosted a 2 day stills, and music video shoot at her home last week. "I'm so grateful to you for arranging my first-ever film shoot for a music video by Lucy Spraggan. I loved every minute of it and the crew from Nothing To See Here Productions Ltd were fantastic - very friendly and looked after everything well . I learned quickly on the first day that I should have taken the kettle and sandwiches upstairs as once they arrive it was a whirlwind of activity. Stuff everywhere – more stuff than I could ever imagine would fit in our house! I couldn't get near the kitchen, but on the second day I was better prepared. I loved the experience and I found all your support, contracts and payment business very easy, friendly and efficient, so that was great. I look forward to more shoots that you can bring me." This shoot had more people than usual at a music video shoot, but feedback is consistent with general feedback that we receive - that owners like these shoots, and that the production companies are considerate and while filming the amount of people can feel slightly overwhelming, but in relation to the money they make, it's easy money.
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