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New Film Locations News Blog Strategy

For several months now we have conducted an experiment and suspended our website Blog, preferencing social media instead. In recent months its become apparent that this strategy has not been as effective as perhaps it could have been, as a great many of visitors to our website dont use these tools. Yesterday we carried out a test on our website blog page. This test resulted in us sending out several messages in quick succession, and effected some great feedback from subscribers to our Newsletter and client mailing lists. Following this feedback we will be adopting a revised strategy 1. Our friends and visitors like to read about the projects we are involved with , so we're going to be issuing one long weekly blog post to let everyone know, at a high level, about opportunities we've been involved with. 2. Use the Locations Wanted section on the home page to publicise our notices on the website as these require a more dynamic approach;. This was a very useful excercise and great learning experience. We've had some great feedback that will really help us improve communication with our existing friends and new visitors to our website who haven't found us yet on facebook or twitter. THANKS to all who contributed to affecting this change!
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