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Sourcing NOW - Large Family Home For Feature Film (ref 2266)

Project Reference 2266 We are currently putting together a longlist for a feature film to be shot August 2014. The shoot will be for 5 weeks of 9 hour days (some nights anticipated) but meonday-fri and mon-sat during alternate weeks. We require options for the following location: - Detached family home - Must have a garage (filled with bits and bobs is fine) - Interior should have at least 3 bedrooms (minimum 2 doubles) - Should be able to film through the living room window, so living room needs to be downstairs - Interior should be normal family style and not aspirational fixtures This is a paid booking. We will share further details (approximate compensation etc) with owners who produce a portfolio of pictures in a batch ( or WeTransfer etc) that we can use to put the location forward. Images need to be with us by 3rd December 2013. E-Mail [email protected] for additional information. We look forward to hearing from applicants very soon.
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