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If you are reading our website for the first time then you wont be aware of the amazing growth that our business has seen over the last year. We've grown incredibly both in the number of locations that we now offer, and the number of shoots that we've booked! Infact, we've grown every quarter for the last 4 years, and we now have a magnificent portfolio of locations that are used by some of the finest companies from Film, TV, Advertising and Stills Photography in the UK. As a team, we've also grown. So recession or not, we've now expanded to a team of 6, which actually gives us very respectable capability when compared to the general size of locations agencies in the UK which is signifficantly smaller than us. However, this post is to give those of you who are not Facebook users, some insight as to our clientelle. (If possible, we do recommend that you visit our Facebook site - as we post there more frequently). Clients: Music - Shane Filan (ex-Westlife); Tulisa; Sailor and I; Dizzee Rascal; Paighton; Deaf Havana; Enter Shikari; many more videos from genre such as Banghra and rap too! Clients: Film Delicious the Film - Starring Sheila Hancock; Baptism (several locations); Many independent short films and some final year exam shoots (University Students) Clients: Advertising Lucozade; DirectLine Insurance; Kettle Crisps; Kelloggs; Kia; Hyundai ... and many more! TV Programmes ITV Breakfast TV; CBBS, BBC and more.... These are just some of the shoots that spring to mind now, but there are many more that we've worked on where we may have provided the locations, or where ultimately, the client didnt go with our options continues to grow. If you place your property in our hands you will be well looked after, and will be assured that we will be honest and open with you through all stages of the selection process, and if you are a potential client, then you will find us to be keen to find the most appropriate location for you and to remove as much stress as possible from the selection process. We make payment quickly and our shoots are all protected by location hire agreements that we prepare and manage through the signing process.
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