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Website Launches With Great New Features

The 5th iteration of the website is now live. The development of this new site has taken a year in the planning and implementation, and currently contains around 1200 film locations, and approximately 1 Terabyte of location images. The new site brings major improvements to our client's viewing experience, and now enabled us to give all our location owners, in every library, the best ever chance of attracting new filming contracts. Key enhancements to the library include: 1. Randomised location retrieval - Now, any location can come up on Page 1 of the appropriate library - Applies to both "regional" and "by type" libraries) - Significantly farer for owners in the larger libraries such as our London locations library 2. Image handling improvements - Images now instantly appear instantly when the record is opened - Larger, clearer thumbnails, and with a slideshow option - Ability to "right click" saving of images in the slideshow 3. Radical changes to Midlands Region library - Now split into West Midlands, East Midlands and East Anglia locations libraries 4. Improved search capability - Introduced a much more powerful underlying database - Revamped descriptions and consistent use of categories - Keyword tagging options in records - Search from pre-defined property types, by themes, by county, or by keyword 5. Simplified property registration - Owners can now create their own records (approval required before record is published) - Owners can make edits to their entries (again, require approval before publishing) - Owners now have the ability to easily upload images directly to the website (ZIP files, instructions provided) 6. Introduction of Kitchen Film Locations micro-site - Much easier to review Kitchen options - Improved kitchen descriptions 7. New Testimonials and Clients page - Revamped Testimonials Page with new introduction of our Clients list 8. Showreel - design improvements to the Showreel 9. Client Location Accounts - Now easier than ever for Producers, Scouts and Researchers to create accounts, and save or share film location properties that interest them for current or future projects We hope that you like the new site and look forward to working with you.
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