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Hammond: 'Of Course' I'll Still Watch Top Gear

The presenter opens up about leaving Top Gear, telling Sky News: "It had been around before us and it'll be around after us." Richard Hammond has told Sky News how he will watch the new presenters of Top Gear with interest - but is "invigorated" about moving on to his new motoring show. Hammond, along with James May, departed the show after fellow presenter Jeremy Clarkson was dropped for punching a producer earlier this year. Since then, Chris Evans has been announced as the show's next host and Hammond, May and Clarkson have signed a multimillion-pound deal to do a new show with Amazon. Speaking on Sky News' Sunrise programme, Hammond said he was not scared by what was ahead. "No, I'm excited," he said. "We'll be back on air, it'll be a while...we've got a lot to do to evolve a whole new thing, which is a tremendously exciting and invigorating process." When asked if he would watch new host Chris Evans' progress with Top Gear, he replied: "Of course. We were guardians of the whole thing. "It had been around before us and it'll be around after us." He wouldn't be pushed on a title for the trio's new show, saying no title had been decided on and adding: "I wouldn't tell you if I had." Hammond was on Sky News speaking about his involvement in a new documentary, Richard Hammond's Jungle Quest, to be shown on Sky 1 as part of Sky's Rainforest Rescue partnership with the WWF. The show saw Hammond filming in the rainforest, an environment that he described as "dazzling" - but he admitted that May and Clarkson may not have enjoyed it so much. He said: "I can see them now running around in loin clothes , smeared in mud and insects."
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