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'Jurassic World' sequel will be a 'different kind of film', says director Colin Trevorrow

The sequel to Jurassic World will be a "different kind of film" to this year's dinosaur blockbuster, director Colin Trevorrow has revealed. Trevorrow will not be returning to the director's chair for the sequel, but he will serve as one of its executive producers and is co-writing its script. Universal announced over the summer that the Jurassic World follow-up will be released on June 22, 2018. During an interview on the Jurassic Cast podcast, Trevorrow said of the sequel: "It will get to be a different kind of film. The audience has given us permission to a certain extent to take this to the next level, and I don't necessarily mean in scale." "I feel very strongly that it's not about more dinosaurs, or bigger and better dinosaurs," he explained. "It's about using this as a starting point for a much larger story about our relationship with these animals and about animals in general and the dynamic created by bringing them back to life." Both Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard are reprising their roles for the sequel, and Trevorrow explained that their characters, Owen and Claire, will be inextricably linked to its storyline. "The two of them opened Pandora's Box in Jurassic World and each of them are responsible for different elements of it in different ways," Trevorrow said. "I think the way that these characters are connected to the circumstances of what's happening, it's different than the previous [Jurassic Park films]. It's not, 'Let's manufacture a way to get them somewhere'. They're embedded into it now in a way that as story tellers makes it much easier for us to keep them involved and doesn't feel as contrived." Since opening in cinemas in June, Jurassic World has become the third highest-grossing film of all time, taking over $1.659 billion (£1.608 billion) at the global box office.
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