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Jurassic World tops list of most movie mistakes for 2015

In the blockbuster dinosaur sequel a mobile phone magically fixes itself and Chris Pratt talks to Bryce Dallas Howard without moving his lips Dinosaur blockbuster Jurassic World features more errors than any other film released so far in 2015, according to the Movie Mistakes website. Colin Trevorrow’s sci-fi sequel features at least 19 major or minor errors, including continuity blunders, plot holes and factual mistakes, according to the site. The next most error-strewn films are Terminator Genisys, with 10 errors, and Ant-Man and Mad Max: Fury Road, with eight mistakes each. Errors in Jurassic World reportedly include a mobile phone that appears to magically fix itself, a scene in which dinosaur wrangler Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) talks to park manager Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) without moving his lips, and the ability of Dearing’s nephews to start up an abandoned Jeep that has been parked, fully exposed to the elements, on a tropical island for 20 years. Some of the “mistakes” are more spurious than others. One user of the site claims simply (but reasonably) that Dearing would not have been able to survive the entire movie running around in high heels. Trevorrow can at least thank the movie gods that his film appears relatively goof-free compared with Steven Spielberg’s original Jurassic Park film from 1993, which according to the site featured a monstrous 156 errors. The all-time record is held by 1979’s Apocalypse Now, with a whopping 561 mistakes.
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