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The Walk: Joseph Gordon-Levitt tightrope movie is literally making audiences throw up

The Walk - the upcoming, Joseph Gordon-Levitt starring high-wire drama that recounts Philippe Petit’s famous balancing act between the Twin Towers - is making people feel really, really ill. So much so that people are vomiting due to server vertigo caused by the film. Petit’s 1974 walk was turned into an Oscar-winning documentary in 2008, titled Man on Wire, using first hand accounts and footage of the event. Director Robert Zemeckis, however, isn’t using old footage for The Walk, instead opting for CGI wizardry to create a 3D film based 1,362 feet high. If you are feeling a little bit wobbly - well, that was Zemeckis’s intent. According to Business Insider, the director said at a press conference following the films debut screening that he hoped audiences would get a sense of vertigo. One reporter added how the scenes above the tower made him feel sick. Later on that evening, pop-culture journalist Mark Harris tweeted that reports of someone vomiting in the toilets post-film were true. Denise Widman, board director of the Boston Jewish Film Festival, said of the film, according to New York Post: “The last 20 minutes of the film I had to look away a couple of times because of the sensation of the height. I felt a little bit queasy. I felt nervous. It was a tingling sensation and some anxiety.” If you can handle heights, and fancy watching The Walk it hits UK cinemas 9 October.
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